Thursday, 19 January 2017

2017 - Time to review your transport and shipping services?

Transport and shipping services

Freight rates and shipping companies in the UK

With the demise of Hanjin causing freight rates to rise, 2017 is a great time to compare your shipping and transport costs to and from the UK. Shipping rates are set to rise in 2017 for first time since 2010, according to forecasts. This could come as a shock to companies used to the low international transport costs we’ve enjoyed for some time now. Spending some time comparing services from different shipping companies in the UK is  worthwhile to ensure you are getting the best service and price you can.

Surge in Amazon and Ebay traders and their impact on shipping

Over the last twelve months, we have seen a surge in customers who sell their goods on Amazon and Ebay. Ebay and Amazon have launched cross border trade initiatives, opening up international sales for retailers of all sizes. Additionally, buyers on these platforms can find a bargain by shopping around internationally. They need a reliable shipping agent with competitive rates, and have been coming to us for help and advice. We don’t just work with the big names, we’re happy to assist individuals and small businesses. It is also vital that a transport company understands and applies customs and tax regulations. The UK Government publish advice on customs and tax on goods bought from overseas suppliers online.

Understanding customs procedures

We understand many people find getting information and advice on import/export customs procedures difficult, from understanding how import vat and duty works to how to classify your goods.  This is something we can assist you with and provide peace of mind that everything is being taken care of when you import or export your goods.

Transporting a wide range of goods

In 2016 we saw a vast range in cargo, including:
Classic Cars, Art Sculptures, Charitable goods, Fire Engines, manufactured goods from China, fire fighting equipment, rugs from India, project cargo, paintings, peonies and pipes.

We have dealt with large and small companies and individuals - no project is too big or too small.

Shipping to and from Scotland and the UK

Shipping from the UK can be challenging, especially when you are not familiar with the type of shipping company you are dealing with, the kind of handling , warehousing and transportation services you will need and how your items will be cleared at the destination address. With a reputable and competent shipping company, you don’t have to worry about getting your shipments. An ideal shipping company can get your goods delivered from the UK in the safest and timely manner.

At t. ward shipping we are experienced in handling consignments of all sizes and types and we offer our services to a wide range of Scottish and UK ports.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

2016 - What a year!

2016 has been a busy year for t ward shipping. We’ve been involved in so many exciting projects. Here is a concise review of some of our highlights!

Organising the Dazzle Ship launch


Dazzle Ships have been docked in London and Liverpool since 2014, and have become floating works of art for visitors and residents.  The latest Dazzle Ship features a design from Turner Prize-nominated artist Ciara Phillips which lit up the city of Edinburgh in style. It was launched in Scotland on 29 May and 1 June 2016, to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland. We were responsible for organising the movement of the ship, which went very well. We were busy behind the scenes booking the entire marine movement and making sure everything went smoothly on the day. We booked everything from the tugs, pilots and riggers to the tow master. It was a fantastic project to be involved with, and one we thoroughly enjoyed.

You can view mv Fingal from Ocean Driver, Leith Docks. Red more on our blog...

Shipping fire engines to Paraguay

In February we sent a 20’ container with three fire engines 6000 miles to Paraguay for IFRA In August we shipped the famous Angel Franco, a donated fire appliance, to Paraguay. Although at the end of it’s working life in Scotland, it will be used by the city Luque for years to come.

"It's great to think that all this redundant and superseded kit continues to save people in other countries long after we stop using it and the people of Scotland should be justifiably proud of this."

Shipping Laptops to Malawi

Loading shipping container for Turing TRust
In September, we helped the Turing Trust with ship 101 laptops to Malawi. They were distributed to schools as part of a large ICT skills development programme. More about our shipping service for charities.

Shipping Paintings to Canada

The Bird Family by local artist Peter Hallam

Last month we arranged the transportation of some original artwork for the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. We arranged for the safe transport of two paintings from the gallery in Northern England to the buyer in Toronto, Canada via our tried and trusted courier air freight service. Read more on our blog... or find out about our shipping service for artwork.

Shipping flowers to Shanghai

We recently shipped a pallet of bare root peonies from Binny Plants, West Lothian to Shanghai airport. More on our freight forwarding service.

Taking care of jumbo ships
m/v Fairpartner
We took care of H.M Fairpartner at #Rosyth docks last week for shipping giant @JumboMaritime m/v Fairpartner. More about ships agency..

Here's to a productive 2017! To find out more about our services, visit our website, email or call us on +44 (0)131 554 1231.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Transporting Artwork for The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

We recently arranged the transportation of some original artwork for the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This involved transporting two paintings safely from the gallery in Northern England to the buyer in Toronto, Canada via our tried and trusted courier air freight service.

Peter Hallam - The Bird Family painting

Exporting works of art

We understand the requirements when transporting unique works of art and how important it is to transport goods safely and efficiently. For the Biscuit Factory, we took care of insurance, arranged the air freight courier service and provided advice on customs procedures.

Cargo insurance

We ensured appropriate cargo insurance was in place for works of art prior to shipment. 

Advice on customs procedures

We took the time to explain what customs procedures the customer could expect on arrival into Canada, and the approximate customs import costs they would face in order to correctly clear their purchased goods through customs.

Safe arrival

Taking care of these details ensured the goods arrived at the customer’s door in a matter of days, without issue. The paintings were delivered to their new owner on 1st November. The Biscuit Factory have kindly let us feature the wonderful paintings here: The Bird Family by local artist Peter Hallam and Second Sea Change by Steven Lindsay.

Painting - Second Sea Change - Steven Lindsay

About the Biscuit Factory

The Biscuit Factory is the largest commercial art, craft & design gallery in the UK. Set in a former Victorian warehouse, its gallery space is housed over two floors, offering ‘a range of exciting contemporary fine art, sculpture, original prints and jewellery, quality craftsmanship and design led homewares.’ 

The Biscuit Factory holds four exhibitions each year, and they are keen to assist anyone who buys the artwork, offering advice and the Own Art purchase scheme. They regularly transport art to buyers around the world, and were delighted with our service:

“We look forward to doing more business with T.Ward in the future. I would also like to mention how helpful you were during the whole process. Thankyou Callum.”

The Biscuit Factory’s Winter Exhibition opened earlier this month, and features work from over 200 artists, including Scottish painter Phil McLoughlin. They are also hosting a series of Festive weekends throughout December where Christmas shopping can be combined with seasonal food and a pop-up hot chocolate lounge. Sounds much better than braving the crowds on the High Street!

We specialise in art transportation, exporting and importing to and from Scotland and the rest of the UK. Find out more on our website.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Transporting your artwork

The arts industry is truly global. Theatres, galleries, auction houses, museums and private collectors all import and export works on a regular basis. These pieces are often unique, valuable and irreplaceable. Different countries have different laws for the import and export of goods, making the process more complicated. How do you ensure your work of art arrives at its destination legally and in one piece?


Unless your work is very small and easy to transport, it makes sense to involve a specialist firm for packing and crating. Artworks and sculpture comes in all shapes and sizes, and is often fragile and easily damaged. The high value and irreplaceable nature of many pieces make it the only option. Industry leading products from ShockDot will help give you peace of mind, and are cost effective in determining whether the product has been mishandled.
Shockdot determine if products are mishandled


You want your work to arrive at its destination in the best condition possible - and efficient handling and packaging can make a world of difference to how the receiver views a piece.  Consider transporting the work with air (not spring) suspension, to minimize movement of any sculptures being transported by road or in a container.


Some cultural goods over a certain age and value require a licence from the Export License from the Arts Council. Your shipping company should be able to give you advice on this.


Marine cargo and transport insurance is essential for your work, to cover any accidental damage along the way. Go for an experienced broker. Read the government guidelines on this topic.

Personal advice

A specialist shipping company should offer a tailored freight forwarding service, which is unique to the client and the items being transported. This is one of the key services for all our clients - offering peace of mind and expert advice.

For more information on T.Ward's art transportation service, contact us or visit our art transportation page.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Shipping cars with t ward shipping

It can feel as if there is red tape everywhere when you start looking into importing or exporting vehicles.

If you’re thinking about selling a commercial vehicle such as a van, tractor or bulldozer, or even considering sending your own car, classic or otherwise, abroad, we know everything you need to know about the regulations and procedures involved, so we can offer you advice and assistance - even take the entire project off your hands and arrange everything for you.

Shipping classic cars is one of our specialist areas so come to us if you need help with that, too. t.ward shipping will have all the information and experience you need to be able to ship your vehicles in and out of the UK with as little stress as possible.

We can help with the following:

·         Full shipping and customs service for shipment of your private vehicle.

·         Collection of your vehicle - taking it from door to port.

·         Shipping your vehicle by container to all ports around the world.

·         Lashing and securing your car in a container making sure that it’s safe to transported.

·         Vehicle pre-checking prior to export.

·         Ro/Ro (roll on/roll off) service for cars being shipped to West and East Africa.

We love helping people import and export their classic cars, so please feel free to get in touch with us at t ward shipping if this is something you are currently thinking about doing.

We’d love to talk to you about helping you to import your vehicles, so contact us as soon as possible and let our friendly team guide you through the red tape - before you know it, you’ll be enjoying lovely classic car.

Monday, 8 August 2016

BIFA - what is the British International Freight Association?

Most professions have a trade association, set up to give them guidance and support as well as representation where needed. Freight Forwarding firms have their very own trade association - The British International Freight Association (BIFA), Of course, t ward shipping are members of this helpful body, which gives our clients confidence and also gives us support with training and development, specialist information and a lot more.

BIFA is the trade association for any UK-registered companies who are involved in the international movement of freight. Not just sea freight - BIFA is there for companies using any type transport to move freight around the world; air, road, rail and sea. Some members of BIFA are also involved with customs clearance and cross border controls.

What does this mean for our clients? Well, it gives you peace of mind that we will be trading under an internationally agreed set of standard trading conditions that are accepted and backed by the insurance sector.

If you’re an industry member like us, the experts at BIFA can be an invaluable source of support and education, with everything from a monthly newsletter updating members on anything important and relevant to freight forwarding, and if you’re looking for a freight forwarding company and want to ensure that they are a BIFA member, they have a website listing which is constantly updated.

BIFA also represents the interests of our industry in the media, and in recent weeks they have been calling on the government to start making decisions on air freight issues such as expanding and supporting the UK aviation industry in the wake of the Brexit vote.

We believe that being part of BIFA is a positive step for any businesses involved in freight forwarding and associated trades, and that membership helps t ward shipping to link in with BIFAs pursuit of excellence and quality in the transport and logistics sector.

For more information about BIFA, their members and what they do, take a look at the website at:

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Be dazzled by the MV Fingal

You may have seen coverage of the unveiling of the MV Fingal, or Dazzle Ship, which left Leith at 0900 on Saturday 28th May and returned around 7pm the same day?

DazzleShip under Forth Bridge

Starting in April this year the ship has been transformed by a local artist into ‘Every Woman.’ We’re proud to confirm that t ward shipping limited were responsible for organising the movement of the ship last month – and didn’t it go well? We were busy behind the scenes preparing for the unveiling of the newly dazzled ship, booking the entire marine movement and making sure everything went smoothly on the day. We booked everything from the tugs, pilots and riggers to the tow master.
Dazzle Ships have been docked in London and Liverpool since 2014, and have become floating works of art for visitors and residents.  This Dazzle Ship definitely brought a stunning splash of colour to Leith docks, as it celebrated the role British women played in the First World War effort. The MV Fingal offers its own contemporary take on the “dazzle” technique, a technique which was used in the war where vessels were painted with bold patterns designed to confuse the enemy.

The latest Dazzle Ship features a design from Turner Prize-nominated artist Ciara Phillips which lit up the city of Edinburgh in style. It’s the fourth Dazzle Ship to be commissioned, and was launched in Scotland on 29 May and 1 June 2016, to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland.
Dazzle painting played an important part in the Battle of Jutland according to Sorcha Carey, director of the Edinburgh Art Festival, which co-commissioned Phillips’ artwork with 14-18 NOW, the body involved with organising the centenary arts commissions.
The first artist, Tobias Rehberger from Germany converted the exterior of the warship HMS President (which was docked in London) into a modern combination of pipes and funnels. Following on from him, Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez took on a Liverpool pilot vessel and dazzled it in a combination of red, yellow, green and black vertical stripes. Sir Peter Blake created his dazzle by turning a working Mersey ferry into a riot of Pop art.

For more information on mv Fingal (Dazzle Ship) please go to -
You can view mv Fingal from Ocean Driver, Leith Docks.